Karsyn + Spencer

This wedding was near and dear to my heart. These two spectacular people are basically family and when they asked me to be the florist for their wedding, I was so excited. This couple’s style is right up my ally. Their ideas were so creative and fun and they allowed me the freedom to add my own personal touches as well. This wedding truly was a family affair. From the metal arch my dad built as the backdrop for the head table to taking multiple cars to get the flowers delivered, my fam had my back! These wild looking florals just added to the natural beauty of the venue.

Photography by: Cassidy Tillemanscampsuvanto-64-xlcampsuvanto-83-xlcampsuvanto-84-xlcampsuvanto-196-scampsuvanto-198-scampsuvanto-192-scampsuvanto-610-xlcampsuvanto-194-scampsuvanto-625-xlcampsuvanto-537campsuvanto-534campsuvanto-670-xlcampsuvanto-671-xlcampsuvanto-122-xlcampsuvanto-231-xlcampsuvanto-153-xlcampsuvanto-576campsuvanto-985campsuvanto-447-xlcampsuvanto-745campsuvanto-686campsuvanto-685campsuvanto-748campsuvanto-933campsuvanto-86-xlcampsuvanto-907

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