Flower Power!

When you feel inspired, you go with it! I set up a my tripod and had fun! A few fun facts about myself:

  1. My memory is freakishly good!
  2. I love dogs, but feel like I’m more of a cat person. But am allergic to them so we’ll never know!
  3. I love exclamation points!!!! If I use a period in a text, look out because i’m probably mad. I feel insecure if someone only uses periods. (See didn’t you feel weird when you read the sentence???)
  4. I am confident in myself! Yes I do sometimes go into spirals of doubt, but who doesn’t, am I right?!
  5. Carnations are my favorite flower, followed by ranunculus!
  6. I am spontaneous, but love structure.
  7. I create some of my favorite designs under pressure (short turn around time).
  8. American Sign Language is my second language. Received my ASL interpreting degree in 2015!
  9. I prefer bullet points/lists over sentences.
  10. I am a twin, but we look nothing alike!
  11. I love finding new shows to watch on Netflix, but end up watching The Office on repeat!
  12. Recently started loving wine, red only. And more specifically Red Blend or Zinfandels only.
  13. I love shopping: in store shopping, online shopping!
  14. Shoes, shoes, shoes are my weakness!!
  15. If i wasn’t a florist or an office manager I would love to be a producer or a director or a voice over actor. I am a cohost on the “Roomie Night” Podcast. It’s so fun!!! I learned how to produce and edit everything there is to know about it and it was the most fun thing I learned in 2019.

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